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Rheumatoid Arthritis. Making positive choices


Diagnosis Arthritis:
How do you care for yourself?

The body aches, yet yearns for action, activity, things it knows you can do. But your mind decides to sit, complain and reduce where you go or how far.
Self-Care is:

  • Making choices, positive choices
  • Understanding there are good working parts in your body and always will be

There is much to learn and teach yourself about your mind and body

  • The solution or outcome may be ‘less medications’ or could even be ‘no medications’
  • Remember that no one ever dies from arthritis so you won’t!
  • Yes, many perish due to complications and medical prescriptions

Start with a formula, a self-formula and consider yourself strong, not fragile…because you can re-train yourself. I know because I have done it!
Don’t give in just because you have been diagnosed with arthritis. This diagnosis doesn't mean you can’t move forward. Start to understand what you can do. Learn to balance and re-calibrate your body.

Learn what you can do and enjoy those things. And remember “The harder you work your body, the harder your body can work”. Now, I don’t buy into “no pain, no gain” theories, however I do believe your body and mind can grow and do more today than it did yesterday. Thus be more able and capable tomorrow and every day after.

After the Formula Make Some Changes - However Small

  • Lose a bit of weight (10 lbs = 150 lbs of pressure/stress on your joints)
  • Change your diet (see the section on nutrition and my monthly blogs)
  • Start learning how to live in “the present” not “how you used to be”
  • Start walking – learn Nordic Pole Walking
  • Do some gentle moves (which is what Motionize can teach you)

Self care begins with self-love or if that is too bold – self-appreciation

Yes, there is no cure, however there is a level to be reached, a level of self proclaimed health, which is a level of quality higher than where you are now. You may, and can get there – a “Life Well”, by creating and/or adding multiple therapies. Go to as many Arthritis Society Courses available. Check out trusted websites: i.e.: Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinics, Web MD, Mark Sisson, etc.

Self care begins with a new educational path; one for the mind giving it new information central to your diagnosis while making more effort, steady effort to improve your body. Re-train it to focus on Endurance, Flexibility and Balance (the 3 keys of Motionize).

Have you watched any PBS shows such as ‘Yoga for Arthritis’ or Dr. Vijay Vlad, writer of Arthritis RX. There are so many other shows to glean information from. Basically, self-care begins with you and you must decide on being defeated at the hands of atrophy OR stepping closer to winning a battle each day and reversing Atrophy.

Why not come and join me – and stay tuned for additional self-care tips and links.

  • I'm calling attention to all those who know and feel themselves falling into the atrophy quicksand.
  • People who have been labelled Boomers, Aging, Seniors
  • People who have been labelled arthritic by the medical industry, family, friends or even your own mind (ie: self talk)
  • People of any age that have sold themselves, told themselves “I cannot do activity anymore”!
  • Do you have a friend, family member who believes they cant participate anymore. Worse case being house bound
  • I’m a Fitness Life Coach specializing in the audience of Boomers to Seniors that may have been afflicted with a plethora of arthritis type diagnoses
  • Boomers to Seniors who desire to be more active, perform at a higher level of life  - as simple as better body performing, really wishing to overcome a diagnosis to those preparing for orthopedic surgeries


Our goal at Motionize is to help people who have restricted their lives because of pain. Our clients are able to live their lives to the fullest  when we help them with:

  • Personalized exercise courses using low-to-low impact moves, building up to resistance training
  • Motionize routines in a class setting (if requested)
  • Mind/body connection process
  • Fitness, coached sessions, transferable skills to home or office use in everyday life
  • Self-measured, regulated fitness
  • Provide a “body tune-up” every 6 months (to ensure you are doing well at your Motionize routines)
  • One-on-one counselling through various media
  • Guided gym experiences upon request. To encourage comfort levels and confidence within said environment
  • Building the knowledge that you can continue on your own, so you can “go it alone” when you’re ready
  • Diet incorporating "Arthritis" foods 
  • Integrated/Complementary Healing Therapies
  • Patient/Doctor Advocate (Intervention). Ie: Appointments, Pre- and Post-Operative Training and Interpretation (making sure you are getting the maximum from each and every medical appt.
  • NLP (Neural Linguistic Pathways), CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Body Recognition/ Reconnection
  • NLP, CBT Body Fitness/Awareness (Growing to be whole)
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We service the Western Toronto area including: Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville and Brampton

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"Ten months ago I had a total hip replacement and am getting ready for an upcoming knee replacement. I am very grateful to be working with Mark Richardson who I hired as my Arthritis Coach to support me through the surgery and rehab process. He supports me in living well in spite of my arthritis. I highly recommend Mark to others who are living with chronic pain for any reason or who want to become healthier as they age....."

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  • Nordic Pole Walking
  • Neuro Linguistic Pathways
  • Chronic Pain Management
  • Cognitive Behaviourial Therapy
  • Yoga for Arthritis
  • Personal Trainer
  • Karate Blue Belt
  • Dance – York University
  • Transcendental meditation
  • Judo Yellow Belt
  • Equestrian Hunter & Show Jumping