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Pain Management, Coping with Arthritis Pain

Pain Management

Coping with Arthritis Pain

People with Arthritis Pain know that it’s no joke. The pain is very real and sometimes it feels like it just won’t go away. But when you work on it properly pain can be diminished or greatly reduced. At Motionize we work with Seniors and Boomers that suffer from Arthritis but want to live an active life.

In you want to reclaim your life from arthritis then call us today at 416-786-6401 and set up your first consultation with us.
When you deal with arthritis pain you might not just be dealing with physical pain, you might be working through some emotional or subconscious pain. Everybody’s pain is as individual as a snowflake. Therefore you can’t expect a cookie cutter solution for your situation.

Motionize Gentle Fitness will customize a plan for you to get you back to being your best self.

We don’t just ask you where it hurts, we need to know more to make sure your body and soul are getting the treatment they need. Some of the questions we ask to analyze your pain are:

  • What is it really/actually? Sore, stiff, inflamed, broken
  • Is it connected to anything? Memories, emotions, others’ opinions (be it historical activity or emotional)
  • Is it real? Again is it bodily or mentally defined?
  • Is it affecting your life well lived or is your lifestyle dictated to.
  • How do your family, friends, workers, etc. respond/react to your various states of pain
  • How do you react/respond to your various stages of pain

If you want to get back to your life well lived then call us at 416-786-6401 today and take that first step to defeating arthritis pain.

Call Mark today at 416-786-6401 and tell him about your specific arthritis challenges.

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We service the Western Toronto area including: Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville and Brampton

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"Ten months ago I had a total hip replacement and am getting ready for an upcoming knee replacement. I am very grateful to be working with Mark Richardson who I hired as my Arthritis Coach to support me through the surgery and rehab process. He supports me in living well in spite of my arthritis. I highly recommend Mark to others who are living with chronic pain for any reason or who want to become healthier as they age....."

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