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Friendly arthritis food recipes

Arthritis Food

Thank you for dropping by our Food & Nutrition section, remember you’re invited to come back each month. I will be providing additional information, which will encourage you and create hope that you can Live Well.

Wow, what a huge topic Food/Nutrition is. There is quite a bit of information to chew the fat on (please pardon the pun, but it was intentional). Speaking of fat, have any of you really gotten a handle on the fats in foods? Where they are? How they can be hidden? Which ones are best? Which ones are sort of okay? etc. etc.

I am not a doctor or a nutritionist, however as Malcolm Caldwell stated, "anyone that has done 10,000 hours or more on a topic, should be listened to". I will say this - for more than 50 years, I have lived with Arthritis which has made me more than curious regarding the topic of diets as it relates to the needs of the body.

I hate the word diet. It is so full of negative connotations. Nutrition is my favourite word because it is simply more precise. Think of the body as a car. It needs/requires certain fluids in different areas to run properly and functionally.

Well, our bodies are exactly the same, from the cellular level, to the organs, to the muscles, to the brain. Each group or area needs to be fed properly, for the best functional output. Gosh, Mom was so right. When she said, “Mark, eat your vegetables. Mark, eat your fruits”. Not now but back then all I could do was go YUK! , then look for the family dog. He ate healthy because he got to eat all the good nutritional stuff I was supposed to be eating.

This month I am starting out with basics for everyone to have a better functioning food plan. I am, and so should you be, well past the times when I could actually tell which day of the week it was, by the meal my Mom was cooking for dinner. You know, Monday was casserole, Tuesday ham, Wednesday meat loaf, Thursday liver (Yuk again).

An arthritis-friendly food plan needs to include variety. Science has proven that as North Americans we just really have no clue as to how we can Live Better just by eating better. Yup, I didn’t want to listen either. But it’s true! By eating better i.e.: fuelling better. Then we all will perform better, especially those looking to control discomfort, inflammation, fatigue from pain etc.

Over the coming months. I will be sharing tips, resources, and personal stories ranging from how to eat out to how to figure out those darn fat questions. How to enhance your knowledge going into the grocery store; all of which will maintain the focus on Living Better with Arthritis, reducing inflammation, therefore reducing pain and discomfort. Please remember - always consult a trusted physician or nutritionist, when making major changes.

If you’re not getting the results you want or are in the place you want to be then change! Just be bold enough to not just do what you like or how you used to do things. Dare to do what’s good for the whole you. Dare to invest in the Bank called the body.

Honestly, there is no perfect food plan. However there is a nutrition plan that’s potent and can work for you! Focus on overall health (as stated earlier) and well-being by fuelling your whole body (bank account) properly. Then by adding muscle toning, fitness is knocking on your door.  

Here are some plans that can help:

  • Mediterranean Food Plan: A good meal plan that does assist in lowering inflammation is the Mediterranean food plan because it includes all food groups. It promotes less red meats, while increasing poultry, vegetables, whole grains, good fat from olive oil and fish. Pause for a moment and think about people from the regions of Mediterranean or South Pacific. The aging population in these two areas of the world have less inflammation stories to tell. Do you think it could have something to do with their diet?
  • Deep water or cold water fish are a body changer! Fish such as Salmon, Tuna, Halibut, Trout, Shrimp, Grouper, Cod and many other fish types are loaded with Omega-3’s. Actually they are loaded with omegas, which science has proven to be joint-friendly nutrients. Remember portion sizes are an important part of fuelling as well. Try to include 3-4 ounce servings of fish fuel 3-4 times a week in your fuel/investment food plan. If you have said to yourself I’m not a fish eater, there are some options:
    • Get over it. Learn to keep trying different fish and experiment with different recipes.
    • Omega supplements (please consult your specialist). At home we enjoy fish at least 3 times a week. Plus I personally take an omega 3-6-9 supplement.
  • Substitute Red Meats: Red meats, butter, margarine all contain high levels of saturated fats. These have been proven to be inflammation ignition switches. Try substituting poultry, pork and fish in place of the red meats. Integrate olive oil as a staple.
  • Whole wheats and grains should be at the top of the list of ingredients on food labels when purchasing breads, crackers, cereals, etc.
  • Anti-oxidants: Anti-oxidants can be found in a plethora of foods. They are abundantly body fuel-friendly. Fruits and vegetables are a primary source. As Mark Sisson states, “Eating like a cave man, is a good way to health…”. Obviously this means eating fruits and veggies as often as you can. That means raw and cooked. When cooking try steaming, serving them crunchy but warm. I add fruit to entree cooking, breakfast and even sandwiches.
  • Veggies: The more green the veggies the better… such as spinach, romaine lettuce, kale, brussels sprouts. You really can’t get better food fuel. While fruits such as berries, prunes, raisins, apples, oranges, etc. are jam- packed with fibre and folic acid; all proven to be inflammation fighters. As an alert, increased folic acid may affect your Arthritis meds, so again consult your specialist.
  • Calcium and vitamin D: Let’s invite calcium and vitamin D into our introductory discussion. Bone loss has such a cascading effect on the body and in people taking corticosteroids the calcium and vitamin D may help prevent as much bone loss. Why not help to prevent this by investing in natural ways of getting calcium and vitamin D through fuels like beef liver, egg yolks and diary type products. Of course you can use supplements as in this world they have been found to be effective. Again please consult your specialist.
  • Teas: Green tea, white tea, black tea are all just stoked with an antioxidant called polyphenols. My gosh, I won’t say super fuel, but darn close.
  • Spices: Let’s talk about spices. These have been used for an eternity by so many cultures and in so many regions of the world. There are so many spices that are body fuel-friendly – just to mention a few - ginger, turmeric, nutmeg, pepper, curry and the list goes on. All of them life- tested to assist in Living Well. Dare to explore recipes etc., to incorporate these yummy gems into your food plan. Again disclaimer time. Please remember some spices can or may affect the Arthritis meds that you may be taking especially blood thinners.

The bottom line here is to keep coming back to this website. Check out the areas, such as the Self Help and Self Care sections. Seek out various integrated health specialists. Challenge yourself! Defy your training. Defy the odds or previous diagnosis you may have had. I will never say ignore it. All I ask is for you to build upon it.

Cheers, see you next month. Or call us for a consultation.

  • I'm calling attention to all those who know and feel themselves falling into the atrophy quicksand.
  • People who have been labelled Boomers, Aging, Seniors
  • People who have been labelled arthritic by the medical industry, family, friends or even your own mind (ie: self talk)
  • People of any age that have sold themselves, told themselves “I cannot do activity anymore”!
  • Do you have a friend, family member who believes they cant participate anymore. Worse case being house bound
  • I’m a Fitness Life Coach specializing in the audience of Boomers to Seniors that may have been afflicted with a plethora of arthritis type diagnoses
  • Boomers to Seniors who desire to be more active, perform at a higher level of life  - as simple as better body performing, really wishing to overcome a diagnosis to those preparing for orthopedic surgeries


Our goal at Motionize is to help people who have restricted their lives because of pain. Our clients are able to live their lives to the fullest  when we help them with:

  • Personalized exercise courses using low-to-low impact moves, building up to resistance training
  • Motionize routines in a class setting (if requested)
  • Mind/body connection process
  • Fitness, coached sessions, transferable skills to home or office use in everyday life
  • Self-measured, regulated fitness
  • Provide a “body tune-up” every 6 months (to ensure you are doing well at your Motionize routines)
  • One-on-one counselling through various media
  • Guided gym experiences upon request. To encourage comfort levels and confidence within said environment
  • Building the knowledge that you can continue on your own, so you can “go it alone” when you’re ready
  • Diet incorporating "Arthritis" foods 
  • Integrated/Complementary Healing Therapies
  • Patient/Doctor Advocate (Intervention). Ie: Appointments, Pre- and Post-Operative Training and Interpretation (making sure you are getting the maximum from each and every medical appt.
  • NLP (Neural Linguistic Pathways), CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Body Recognition/ Reconnection
  • NLP, CBT Body Fitness/Awareness (Growing to be whole)
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