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Summer Schedule-Nordic Pole Walking

Mark Richardson - Thursday, June 22, 2017

Well it has been to long time. Much to long.

G'day it's Mark here,

Well as the Grateful Dead sang in the 70's. " What a long trip it's been?"
Got to be honest as always. I've booked in a couple of heart surgeries, multiple investigation into the GI tracts. The Docs are saying now that we're not quite sure what's happening? This is after many tests, some on going, like meds changes, diagnostics, blood tests etc., etc.,. As a favourite author wrote in Slaughter House 5 " and so it goes....."

As far as my spirit & soul I'm doing good. Still a lot of miles left on this set of tires. Thanks for all the shout outs I've received.

Here are the dates upcoming for the summer season:

Tues. July 4/17 at 10am Field A                                       Thurs. July 6/17 Field A 

Tues. July 11/17 at 10am Field A                                      Thurs. July 13/17 Field A

Tues. July 18/17 at 10am  Field A                                     Thurs. July 18/17 Field A

Tues. July 20/17 at 10am  Field A                                     Thurs. July 25/17 Field B

Tues. July 27/17 at 10am  Field A                                      Thurs. Aug. 3/17  Field A

Tues. Aug. 8/17 at 10am   Field B                                      Thurs. Aug. 10/17 Field A

Tues. Aug. 15/17 at 10am Field B                                      Thurs. Aug. 17/17 Field A

Tues Aug. 22/17 at 10am  Field B                                      Thurs. Aug. 24/17 Field A

Tues. Aug 29/17 at 10am  Field B                                      Thurs. Aug. 31/17 Field A

Tues. Sept. 5/17 at 10am  Field A                                      Thurs. Sept. 7/17  Field A

Tues. Sept. 12/17 at 10am Field A                                     Thurs. Sept. 14/17 Field A

Tues. Sept. 19/17 at 10am Field A                                     Thurs. Sept. 21/17 Field A

Tues. Sept 26/17 at 10am  Field A                                     Thurs. Sept. 28/17 Field A

As always as you receive this email. Please make sure anyone that may have not gotten it gets it. Or even more simply please ask them to forward to me their email. I'll make sure to add them to out group list!!!!!

Cheers for now, be Safe, move Safely. Mindfully.

Mark Richardson

I'll be updating my website & blog shortly. Plus I'll be trying my luck at Facebook as well.
Stay tuned, I'll be sure to keep the Oakville NPW Crew updated. I sure miss Tues. & Thurs. mornings with all of you!!!!

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