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Nordic Pole Walking Dates, Winter 2016-2017

victor castellanos - Monday, December 12, 2016

All start with a favourite joke my Dad use to tell and this goes back to the times of propeller transport planes. " The plane has taken off. Passengers are on their 3rd or 4th free cocktail, lounging, smoking cigarettes etc. Then the pilot comes on the cabin speaker. ' Ladies & Gentleman. Welcome aboard, sit back and relax we have great weather ahead, clear skies all around. The co-pilot & myself wish to let you know. We are completely lost!!!!! Yet we are making absolutely Fabulous time!!!!!'...."

Well that kind of summed up my last year or more. If challenges are what make us. Then I'm either going to heaven or I might win a prize for surprises or endurance or just never giving up!
What started with a simple heart surgery a year & a half ago. Has launched a domino effect on how my physical body is reacting. And thus being studied. Geeesh I cherish the medical professionals, but Holy-mack-in-Naw. When you are brave enough to ask them questions. Due to being honest how your body is responding/feeling because of symptoms. Then faith & courage must be your partner, regardless the answers that will come back to you.

All I'll say right now. Is due to the questions I've asked the 'white coats' has been truly astounding, darn near mind blowing. If I was at the race track, I would be winning all the box score bets etc. I'll not begin to touch on the emotional roller coaster. But here goes a reader's digest. Seems I'm not only unique, but there may be some medical physical evidence on why. I'm now being researched because of things they've detected in my brain. The white coats are thinking I've had one too many concussions for my young 60 years of daily gifts. Then on the up coming Valentines day I go in for gastronomic exploratory surgery. Oh my Geeeeesh who knew!!!!! There's more but I'll say this. If it wasn't for my strong belief & faith, plus a great sense of humour ( was it all the drugs I've taken LMAO over time. Gosh were the 60's, 70's 80's not great times LOL). What is a person to do? Lay down & just get dirty? Nope. I know that winning is just as simple as going for it!!!! what ever you dream or wish for can be achieved. Absolutely some days winning is just waking up seeing the morning, then saying thank you. Thank you for another shot a the title, a shot at your personal best, another shot at your gold medal day performance.

Now here's all the dates you've been waiting for:-


Thursdays December 15th, 22nd.


Thursday January 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th.

Tuesday January 10, 17, 24, 31


Tuesday February  7, 14, 21, 28,

Thursday February 9th, 16th, 23rd

Please be assured I deeply miss our NPW times. The community that we belong to & share. I surely will sing to the rafters how NPW added to my personal health profile. Motionizing/ exercising has allowed me so much in the form of physical, mental, emotional returns, based on value returned in so many parts of my being here. On being able to succeed at many shots at my personal gold medals.

On being able to share to others the benefits. For now I'm blessed at being trained in yoga for elders/arthritis, plus a love of Tai Chi. All movement is golden!!!!! adding them up often through the day. This means time elapsed, sequenced performances of moves & therefore accumulated. Simply gives each of us a shot at our own personal bests.

For proof just ask Ginger, what exercise/motion has empowered her!!!!! Wow what a mentor, partner, coach, example she showcases. I know I'm very fortunate!!!

Happy Merry Christmas, Joyous Holiday for all of you. Be safe, move safely, grow your confidence! Better is always a good option.


Mark Richardson, 

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