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Nordic Pole Walking Dates, Spring 2017

victor castellanos - Friday, March 31, 2017

G'day to All, :) It has been way too long since I've been with you. Thus it goes without saying, that I miss deeply the fun, the camaraderie, the skills learned each & every Tuesday and Thursday. Each day I wake, I do give a thanks. Then comes the evaluation of what I may or may not be able to do on the day.

My hope is to rejoin you again ASAP.

In the mean time here is a brief update. It looks like a 3rd Ablation procedure is coming my way. Added to this have been given the label of living with vIBS ( very Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Yikes who knew? I'm working on solutions, as we speak. But got to tell ya. LMAO

It's a pretty simple way to loose weight & inches.

So here's the dates that we all need to schedule. To have a group like ours, doing the special ways to move, the NPW gives. To have an awesome facility that is so Loyal to our needs. All of it adds up to a Home run combination for better health !!!!!


  • Tuesday April 4/17 @10am        Thursday April 6/17 @10am
  • Tuesday April 11/17 @10am      Thursday April 13/17 @10am
  • Tuesday April 18/17 @10am      Thursday April 20/17 @10am


  • Tuesday May 2/17 @10am        Thursday May 4/17 @10am
  • Thursday May 11/17 @10am   
  • Tuesday May 16/17 @10am    
  • Tuesday May 30/17 @10am      


  • Thursday June 1/17 @10am
  • Tuesday June 13/17 @10am       Thursday June 15/17 @10am
  • Tuesday June 27/17 @10am       Thursday June 29/17 @10am

In closing for now. I do deeply wish to see you all again soon. Once I find the source of this damn Kryptonite!!!!!! ....LOL....... "I'll.... be.... Back"

In the mean time please make sure David & his awesome staff. Know that we appreciate them & the world class facility!!!!!!

Please do share these dates, by passing along the an invite to do NPW. Also if some one is not on my distribution list? Get them to contact me, please. So they may be added. Cheers for now.

Be safe, Move safely

Mark Richardson, 

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