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Nordic Pole Walking Dates, Fall 2016

victor castellanos - Monday, September 26, 2016

Good Morning Everyone !!!!!!,

Hey there all you wise & passionate Nordic Pole Walkers. Well the end of summer is around the corner, but another awesome season that is fall is closing in. I believe that it is fantastic, that no matter how hot it is, or how cold it may get, or how rainy it may be. We have one of Ontario's or even Canada's best indoor sports facilities at our disposal!!!!!!

Truly I'll put our groG'day All Nordic Pole Walkers, from the Oakville group & beyond!!!!

First part of news is there is a new guy in town. His name is David Zanic. I spoke at length with him regarding our up coming schedule. He seems a helpful, cool guy. So please make a point of saying hello & welcoming him to the Oakville facility team. Can stop saying how blessed we are to have access to our Amazing, to their Amazing facility. Keep spreading the word of our TuesdayThursday mornings!!!!! 

I know I keep promising to rejoin you all. I also need to reach out to say hello individually. The upside is that the 2nd heart Ablation surgery is behind me. It went a lot smoother, because I did not need to be awake for the procedure. What a relief that was!!!! Now I am just dealing with some mild complications from post op. What is really neat, what is really cool from my side of the fence. Is that my year of surgeries & health challenges has increased my empathy quotient. What I mean is this. With running my Motionize Fitness & Nordic Pole Walking business. My most powerful differentiation is the fact that I have been challenged by disease & injury all my life. Yet I can, & have always pursued a high standard of physical fitness/health. Considering the last year. I am even more confident in being able to share more deeply the power of fitness, mental plus physical!!!! Both in recovering from body issues/challenges, as well as balancing fitness/health while managing a disease. Geesh, yikes..... I never thought I'd be a role model or a mentor for others, considering a life time of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I just have always been empowered by being the healthiest, strongest I could be. So that I could/can live a full, exciting, dynamic Life. If you've got dreams/goals go for it!!!!! Age, weight or health challenges etc., can be obstacles, yes. However they are not stop signs. Just never let them blow the wind out of your sails. To me life is just way too cool of journey to hold yourself back. Make changes, wish for changes, embrace changes so you can have the best body possible. Just like NPW, it is just way to much fun. Not to participate!!!!!

Here's the dates for the 2016 Fall

First the dates not open for NPW;- Sept.7th, Oct.4thOct 6thOct.20thNov.17Nov.24th

  • Thursday September 29/16 10am-11am     
  • Thursday October 6/16 10am-11am
  • Tuesday October 11/16 10am-11am - Thursday October 13/16 10am-11am
  • Tuesday October 18/16 10am-11am
  • Tuesday October 25/16 10am-11am - Thursday October 27/16 10am-11am


  • Tuesday November 1/16 10am-11am
  • Tuesday November 8/16 10am-11am - Thursday November 10/16 10am-11am
  • Tuesday November 15/16 10am-11am
  • Tuesday November 22/16 10am-11am
  • Tuesday November 29/16 10am-11am

As always fellow NPW'ers. Please keep spreading the news about the benefits of the fabulous activity we enjoy. Spread the news about our fabulous facility. Plus if anyone you know that is not on my mailing list, get them to contact me!!!! Please

Cheers for now. Be safe, move safely. " Motion is Lotion"

Mark Richardson, 

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