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July dates, plus a personal check up, gosh I miss Tuesdays & Thursdays

Mark Richardson - Thursday, June 30, 2016

G'day to all of you Nordic Pole Walking Champions!!!!!!! (NPWC for short) :) { please pass along any dates to newbies & friends}

Holy-mack-in-naw!!!!!! for all you hockey fans out there. So much to catch on regarding my strange journey back to to total complete fitness. It truly is 10 steps forward, then 6 steps back. But in my world for what it is. It is completely, absolutely progress. The best news is Yes, I actually walked a full mile yesterday!!!!! it was a better feeling, than having sex. Ooops well maybe not. HEhehe maybe to much FYI. Haven't done that much movement, since the first heart operation. But what it did do was show me once again. That yes I can! Though it did take the wind out of sails for a day. That is okay. Because I remember being a 9 year old & not being able to turn off a light, or walk to school, or even do one push up. All those things kept me at that time from riding my pony, named Rocky. But I made it, one small achievement at a time. Because Rocky lead me to Charlie, Charlie the horse lead me to Friday. Friday lead me to Olympic trials etc. Regarding my upcoming second heart surgery ( this one is going to be a roller-coaster ride). Half of my pre-op test are booked. The local betting pool has great odds on my actual surgery date being before my birthday in October. Personally I doubled down on the month of September. :) LoL

The very essence of saying to one's self is. If I can do one, then maybe I will do two & so on. Always growing, always developing not such the brain, but really learning how to keep the body/muscles useful & working, toned & building. Fitness is a two way street!!!! As the body grows in tone, so does the confidence. As confidence grows so does the mind & vice sersa. Motion is for sure the Best Lotion!!!!!!!!!! It also happens to be the very best Prescription.

With that in mind is the upcoming dates for the July 2016. I do know summer is here & the hottest days are coming. Plus there is all kinds of trips, family, leisure etc planned. I pass on the hope that you all are making NPW part of you lifestyle. Doing the right thing by networking the benefits, showcasing the benefits by NPW'g daily, by being a full walker by being part of the cool down sessions. And of course buying Dr. Klaus Schwanbeck's book. " The Ultimate Nordic Pole Walking Book". ISBN # 978-1-78255-043-3. It really is gifted educational read.

Here's your Dates:

  • Tuesday July 5 /16 @ 10am Thursday July 7/16 @ 10am
  • Tuesday July 12/16 @ 10am Thursday July 14/16 @ 10am
  • Tuesday July 19/16 @ 10am Thursday July 21/16 @10am
  • Tuesday July 26/16 @ 10am Thursday July 238/16 @10am

There it is everyone, another full complete month. Four full weeks of access, from Gordon & Lynne and there awesome staff. Please give them your thanks, plus support. While doing what's great for yourself's. Thanks Alice, Big time for stepping up & filling the shoes of Ginger & me. Missing you guys, just aren't the right words.


Mark Richardson, 

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